Farming and Cultivation


Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices. Organic agriculture continues to be developed by various organic agriculture organizations today. Real or perceived advantages in sustainability, openness, self-sufficiency, autonomy/independence, health, food security, and food safety, although the match between perception and reality is continually challenged.


As planned during diversification of business in 2016, the company’s plan of spreading its wings in direct / indirect manner by expanding upto 3000 acres of land for the cultivation and faming activities of the company had been management’s commitment.

Initially the company commenced with 108 acres of land in November 2016 at Village : Kamdar, Taluka: Sayla, District: Surendranagar. Later and an additional piece of 422 Acres of land is at Village : Aaya, Kanpar and Manekvada, District: Surendranagar Gujarat.

Later, The company announced buying out of majority stake in Future Farms LLP, Rajkot, Gujarat and increasing its capacity in cultivation, Harvesting and farming of variety of organic products. Future Farms LLP (FFL) is a Rajkot based limited liability partnership firm.  FFL is directly involved in agricultural activities since past many years. Based in the heart of Gujarat and having direct access to the organic lands in and across Rajkot, Future Farms has an edge in the Agri sector.  The management strongly believes that investing in FFL will help White Organics to take a much awaited major leap in the organic agricultural field. 

In addition to that, FFL have more than 530 farmers registered under its organic programme. Those 530 farmers, having an aggregate land of more than 2800 acres, cultivate 56 different crops as per the crop planning allocated by FFL. The pool of associated farmer and products grown by those farmers will also contribute in expanding organic exports in years to come. A meticulous planning and good co-ordination between the farmers and our Management shall be set in such a manner that the high quality organic production is possible. Our harvest is produced as custom organic Products from Pre-defined farmers; under the supervision of Agronomists and Cultivation Technologists.

Recently, the company announced additional Lease Farming pacts, of an additional 160 Acres of Land for its cultivation, Harvesting and farming for Organic Products.

Collectively on 1200+ acres of land the company is already cultivating AloeVera on 835 acres, Moringa on 225 acres of land and few other crops on trial basis for its third phase of expansion. As a company policy, company would expand maximum upto 1000 acres for one crop.

Supply of Aloe-Vera and others products

Patanjali Ayurveda had issued an Initial Purchase Order of 500 tonnes of Aloe Vera Pulp. Thereafter, Patanajali ayurveda has issued repeated purchase orders for the supply of aloe-vera pulp. Patanjali Ayurveda intends to undergo a long term contract for the total buyout of the production of Aloe Vera Pulp of the company.

The company is also supply its moringa to amny other export houses based in Gujrat and Maharashtra.

Future plans for Farming and Cultivation

The management has pinned down a strategic phase wise expansion of leased lands in different pacts across India beginning with western sector of the country more likely in states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The management believes that the company shall for farming in 3000 acres of land for faming activities of the company with a policy of one crop for 1000 acres maximum.